Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you know the Muffin Man? He lives on D Drive!

T decided that he wanted to make a snack. He came up with a recipe all on his own and decided to make chocolate milk muffins! He came up with all the measurements (which I then modified to actually work! His had half a bag of flour!) and when he told me he wanted to use chocolate milk powder, I didnt think it would work!
But my oh my, these were some tasty muffins! Nesquick and white chocolate chips (which the kids think are vanilla chips!) make for a tasty muffin!

Here he is mixing them all by himself, he also cracked the eggs and poured most of the ingredients in, I just did the measuring! He put them in the tins on his own, and even helped me put them in the oven. I have never let him help with the oven and I didnt have any intentions of letting him help anytime soon. But he asked and was so so pleased with himself that he was allowed to help me. He is growing up so fast, another foot and a half and he'll be taller than me!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

After he realized he was being watched. He had to show off!
I love watching him watch the fish as much as he loves watching them!

Oh so interesting!

Here come those Hall's!

I feel like I can't give enough substantial updates through Facebook and I don't have the time to talk to everyone I'd like to on the phone. I'm also somewhat tired of paying for my babyhomepages site and I've run out of free picture space as well. So I'm going to try to keep everyone in the loop here on this "blog". Pictures will still be regularly added to Facebook for the time being, at least until we are finished with the Navy thing..
As most should know, we've got 3 wild and crazy boys, T is 6, IL is 3 and IJ is 20 mos. I'm not going to use their real names on here, and I ask if you leave comments, that you dont either. I have an overactive imagination that makes me think people might be able to track me and my kids down over the internet and claim them as thier own. I've never claimed to be sane, people.
The boys are not calm children, they are very bright and outgoing. They are loud and they are fun. They can be alot to handle. My brother in law, had it right when he said "people will see you coming and say "agh, here come those crazy hall boys!" Thus the name of this blog:)