Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

There you have it, I am the best mom on the block. Im glad he thinks so and I hope he always does. When given things like this, I'm happy. I often end the day feeling like I havent done enough for my boys, I go through my days feeling inadequate to care for them, wondering why God thought I was capable of handling 3 very active, bright, testosterone filled boys, all born within 4 years. I know that God is in control, I know that He would never give me more than I can handle, I know that He had a distinct purpose in giving me these boys, rather than 3 pigtailed, dress wearing princesses, that on most days, I feel I'd be better equipped to handle. When I'm given a card like this, I feel like maybe perhaps I am doing an ok job. Maybe perhaps these boys will grow to be exceptional young men/husbands/fathers.
Motherhood is so much harder than anyone could put into words or understand if they are not one. It is also so much more rewarding than anyone could put into words or understand, if they've never expiereinced it. So far my journey through motherhood has been rocky, heartwrenching, lonely, sad, scary, sometimes downright painful. But it has also been sweet, comforting, joyous, beautiful,amazing, lovely,happy,encouraging, and so so much more. The good has definately outweighed the bad. The joy has always been worth the sorrow.
This season of my life is proving to be amazing and I am immensly enjoying it. I'm blessed to have been called to be a mother. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mystic Aquarium

We went to the My
stic Aquarium last week, several times, but one time was Member Appreciation Day. We got Ice cream sandwiches for free, which the boys LOVED.

We also got free admission to the "birds of the outback" which these guy
s have always liked so much. You get one stick of bird feed and there are about 800 birds in this fenced area that will come and land on your stick and eat the food. This was Isaac's first time going in, he didnt go last year and the year before he was in the belly and the year before he was still in God's plans.

This was his first time having and ice cream sandwich(obviously, he's had ice cream, but never a sandwich!) and he LOVED it!

The aquarium is going to be something that we all will miss when we move this summer. We have been members each year that we've lived here and its just such a nice place for the kids to go. They love to look at the fish and have a special fish that they've name "super fish" that they always look for and watch. Isaac loves the Beluga Whales and loves watching them play with the basketballs. It's great in the winter because they have alot inside as well so we can escape from the house sometimes! We truly will miss it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kids Carnival

I wish I had some more pictures to share, but I left the camera connected to the computer and drained the battery. I didnt realize this until we were getting ready to walk out the door and I charged it for oh, 5 minutes. The picture above is all the charge got me! Which is ok, since I love love love back turned, hand holding, walking pictures. IL looks like he's lagging behind, but he is actually holding T's hand.

We went to the Kids Carnival that is held each year at the subase youth center. It's highly overpriced and each year they have less rides but the boys absolutely love it. It was IJ's first year to be able to do anything and he had so much fun. I wish I would've gotten a few pictures of them! Even though it was expensive, I was so glad we went. My boys amazed me. We drove to where they had a shuttle bus, and had to wait in line for it to come. All the other kids were running around, getting in trouble and my little guys, stood there right in front of us and waited for the bus. No complaining, no fussing, no running about. Then we got there and they continued to warm my heart. T held IL's hand for so much of the night, and helped him on and off the rides. At one point when they were standing in line, I looked down and saw T's hand resting on IL's shoulder! It was touching to clearly see the love and compassion they have for each other.
T's friend from school was there, his name is Seth. IL thinks all the school friends are his too. Seth fell on this big pirate ship slide just as Adam was taking IL and IJ to another ride. Seth was crying and T ran over to make sure he was ok. Seth was fine, but IL was already on the other ride. It was a motorcycle carosel, and when he came around to where T and i were standing, he yelled "T, is Sef ok?" He was so concerned for another that he hardly knows, even though he was on a ride! It just warmed my heart all night to see how caring they were!
They continually amaze me and teach me each and every day. I have been so blessed with them.