Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poor Baby

I am really not sure what is going on, or exactly how to handle it.
IJ has always been fine in the car, never fusses and if he's tired will usually conk right out and stay that way for awhile in the car. Yesterday we fell asleep at home and i moved him to the car (which I will often do if needed) because we were going to the base lake. I figured he would stay asleep for awhile and then wake up and play. The base is about 2 miles from our house. Halfway there, he just woke up screaming bloody murder. With his hands in the air, screaming and just shaking like crazy. I could not get him calmed down and once we got through the gate, I climbed back there with him and just knealed in front of him and comforted him. He had his arms wrapped so tightly around me and sobbed.
He was fine on the way home because I gave him a cookie. But then today, we went to base again to see a movie. He freaked out again. When we got him out at the theater, Adam asked him if he had a bad dream yesterday, and he said yes. Adam asked him what it was about and he said
"street". And Adam said "youre scared of the street?" and he started crying. So did he have a dream about an accident? Is that possible for a 22 month old? I don't know.
When we left after the movie, he freaked out again. I'm talking screaming and arching his back to get out, and shaking. I sat in the back with him and talked to him and held his hand. He calmed down a little, but then whenever Adam turned a corner, he freaked again. At Toy's R Us i bought him some dum dum suckers and that kept him calm for the next car ride.
I am not sure what to do, I mean I can sit with him when Adam's driving but Adam isnt always with us. I can't have him so freaked out over the car. Not to mention, we have a 10 hour car ride coming up in 2 weeks!
When we've been in the car, I've talked to him about how we are safe, how Daddy is a safe driver,how there is nothing to be scared of and how we love him and how nothing bad is going toh appen to us. When we are done driving, I've clapped and said yay! you made it, see we are fine! and told him good job. and all that good stuff. I just hope that with the encouragement and suckers, that maybe he will grow to like the car again? I just feel so bad for him.

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