Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still here!

I haven't updated in quite some time! Not because nothing was going on, we've been quite busy here in the Hall household! Let's see if I can recap?
I posted before about the mammogram, well I never got the darn thing because 2 days before I was supposed to get it, I found out I was expecting Hall baby 4! So needless to say, this little growing miracle trumped the mammogram. We did go ahead and do a breast ultrasound which showed nothing so they think it was just some lumps from finishing up breastfeeding. So as soon as I weaned Isaac I found I was pregnant! Which is perfectly fine with me!
So a week after finding out we are adding yet another member to the family we packed up and left CT and the Navy life (FOREVER....) Boy was that a rocky time. Morning sickness hit me like never before and we stayed with the in-laws for a month while we looked for a job for Adam and that was hard, going from our own house to having 2 rooms to live in! After a month there was still no job, but we found a townhouse to rent for a few months. We saw our baby on ultrasound and again were reminded of God's amazing Grace.
Isaac turned 2 and we had some big issues with T's school. So we decided to homeschool for the time being. Which is going alright but we actually arent in love with it like we had originally thought we would be.
Adam was offered a job in Sept. which he took. It wasnt what he was looking for or what he was really interested in at all, but we felt like it was being given to us for a reason so he accepted. It has worked out OK, we are just thankful for a stable job with alot of job security and insurance!
In early October Adam got rear ended by a semi truck on the turnpike and God sure was with our family because it was a pretty severe accident and he walked away with a broken thumb. His thumb is now uncasted but he is having some issues with it, so we are hoping they do not end up being permanent.
We bought a house around Halloween, it is perfect for our family and we cannot wait to move in. We don't close until early December and will move in right before Christmas, but we cannot wait! There was quite a bit of drama to go along with the actual buying of the house and we are so glad its almost over! I don't know why anyone buys a house more than once! The house has 4 bedrooms, one for T, one for IL and IJ and one for our little girl. Yes, you read that right, we are expecting a little girl. We are both excited, I don't know about Adam but I am also a little apprehensive. I'm not entirely sure what to do with a girl! I know there will be lots of pink and hairbows though!
IL turns 4 next week, can't believe he is so old! He is going to have a bowling party is so excited over it. We have been trying to get away from throwing parties for each birthday and just do something fun with the birthday boy, but we figured since he has been having such a hard time with our move we should do something special for him.
I am going to try to update a bit more often but can't promise anything!

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