Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

There you have it, I am the best mom on the block. Im glad he thinks so and I hope he always does. When given things like this, I'm happy. I often end the day feeling like I havent done enough for my boys, I go through my days feeling inadequate to care for them, wondering why God thought I was capable of handling 3 very active, bright, testosterone filled boys, all born within 4 years. I know that God is in control, I know that He would never give me more than I can handle, I know that He had a distinct purpose in giving me these boys, rather than 3 pigtailed, dress wearing princesses, that on most days, I feel I'd be better equipped to handle. When I'm given a card like this, I feel like maybe perhaps I am doing an ok job. Maybe perhaps these boys will grow to be exceptional young men/husbands/fathers.
Motherhood is so much harder than anyone could put into words or understand if they are not one. It is also so much more rewarding than anyone could put into words or understand, if they've never expiereinced it. So far my journey through motherhood has been rocky, heartwrenching, lonely, sad, scary, sometimes downright painful. But it has also been sweet, comforting, joyous, beautiful,amazing, lovely,happy,encouraging, and so so much more. The good has definately outweighed the bad. The joy has always been worth the sorrow.
This season of my life is proving to be amazing and I am immensly enjoying it. I'm blessed to have been called to be a mother. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers.

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