Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mystic Aquarium

We went to the My
stic Aquarium last week, several times, but one time was Member Appreciation Day. We got Ice cream sandwiches for free, which the boys LOVED.

We also got free admission to the "birds of the outback" which these guy
s have always liked so much. You get one stick of bird feed and there are about 800 birds in this fenced area that will come and land on your stick and eat the food. This was Isaac's first time going in, he didnt go last year and the year before he was in the belly and the year before he was still in God's plans.

This was his first time having and ice cream sandwich(obviously, he's had ice cream, but never a sandwich!) and he LOVED it!

The aquarium is going to be something that we all will miss when we move this summer. We have been members each year that we've lived here and its just such a nice place for the kids to go. They love to look at the fish and have a special fish that they've name "super fish" that they always look for and watch. Isaac loves the Beluga Whales and loves watching them play with the basketballs. It's great in the winter because they have alot inside as well so we can escape from the house sometimes! We truly will miss it!

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